Wedding of Liz and Clint (2010)

The Making of the Wedding Video

As a guest at the wedding of an old school friend, I was surprised to hear the event wasn’t be recorded. Rather than let the opportunity be missed, I opted to record it myself and present the completed movie as a surprise gift. This video was unplanned and shot entirely from one of the first available HD video mobile phones available in the UK. (Sony Ericsson Vivaz).

Lack of equipment naturally led to some problems with the quality of the footage and sound.  I decided to keep the movie simple, using a back-to-basics approach partly inspired by the brief test recording I made for ‘Four Go Rolling‘, and also by the better aspects of the ‘Indifference‘ movies. I drew from my experience by using carefully edited crowd shots, subtitles, and music recorded from the event to maintain a narrative without slowing down the movie or highlighting the problems with the footage. Through these simple techniques I was able to make a stylised movie that overcame the limitations of the footage. I’m extremely pleased that I was able to captured key moments and highlight both the quirky and traditional nature of this occasion whilst using only the original audio and visual footage as recorded on the day.

Editing: Adobe Premiere

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