Graphic design

I have helped to produce or develop the artwork and designs for a number of brands. My work has been used online (adverts and logo’s), in leaflets, flyers and posters, and in publications (adverts). See below some of the designs produced up until 2007.

Notable Projects (up until 2007)

Flyers & brand development

I have a keen interest in electronic dance music, and this led to my involvement in the branding of a series of events across Portsmouth called “Incendiary”. It was my role to develop the Incendiary brand with updated graphics and logos, and produce marketing collateral such as flyers and posters for use both offline and on. Other brands and events followed on from this.

Book covers

Following his departure from the UK to live in Spain, Richard Lewington wrote his first novel – ‘The Basque Assignment’. Richard needed someone to produce a cover and I was happy to oblige! The design is inspired by themes from within the book, with Richard keeping me informed as to the various elements that needed to be represented. It was my intention to remove or replace the silhouette of the girl, however Richard liked it so this was retained.