CAGE 2012

I first worked with Jakob Bloch on Climbing Kili, and he invited me back to edit and film CAGE 2012.

CAGE was the first global meeting for members of Commodity Appointments to gather from all over the world. The two-day conference included team building activities, workshops, panels and much more.  Jakob wanted the event to be so those participating had something to remember the event by.

Before recording, neither Jakob nor I knew exactly what we wanted from the video. I shot this using two standard digital cameras, attempting to capture as much material as I could from two slightly different angles which would enable me to cut back and forth as necessary. Due to the nature of the cameras, the majority of audio was inaudible or not of sufficient quality to use in the movie, however this worked in our favour, leading us to be more creative by creating a video-montage against a musical track. The footage from the second camera was not HD, and so we used this only selectively.

Rather than editing this in seclusion as I had on most of my previous projects, we met at Jakob’s Petersfield office. This was a far better approach, allowing proper collaboration and ideas to be bounced around the room. Ultimately we were both pleased with the final result.

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