Four Go Rolling (2010)

Myself and three others decided to go Orbing in Brighton for my 30th birthday. With the recent purchase of a new phone featuring HD video recording, I decided at the last minute to make a movie of our little adventure.

Being shot entirely on a phone, it was always obvious the quality wouldn’t be great – especially considering I would need to shoot into the distance without a zoom and would be unable to film whilst travelling down myself. Despite this, with some quirky editing, use of subtle but minimal effects and an appropriate soundtrack I was able to make something to mark the occasion.

Note – The original version of ‘Four Go Rolling’ was timed against the theme from Rawhide but unfortunately this was stripped from the YouTube edition due to copyright issues. The version available online and embedded below has a new soundtrack featuring copyright free audio from YouTube. Although this makes it possible to share the video, this has affacted the timings and lost the audio from the original footage.


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