Internet marketing

I work for Portsmouth based internet marketing agency Vertical Leap, and through this I have been involved in the strategies and tactics of a huge number of brands.

No matter what industry you work in, being online is essential. I have worked with businesses large and small, however I’ve carved out my niche in SMB’s that understand the importance of internet marketing without having the knowledge or resources to deliver this by themselves.

Historically, an internet marketing strategy would start with having your own website. But in age of portals, apps, voice search and social platforms, this is only one small part of the arsenal available to you. We’ll take a closer link into your online strategy on the next page.

At Vertical Leap, we also offer data science as a service. We use business intelligence applications to import, analyse, and visualise your performance data – from showing how many visits a piece of content has generated, to drilling down and showing every single impression that has been produced by a page we told you to add. It’s a really exciting time. Never before has so much data been available.