Video production

Video plays a significant part in websites and apps. On this page you can see some of my early videos produced as freelance projects, hobbies, and university projects.

You can also learn about my animation projects here.


Cage 2013 (Video Thumbnail)

CAGE (2012)

Members from all across the world gathered as Commodity Appointments met for a weekend of team building, social activities, workshops and more. I attended to record the event. Watch >>

Climbing Kili (Video Thumbnail)

Climbing Kili (2011)

Jakob Bloch and Tim Coel travelled to Africa and took part in a multi-day trek to the top of Kilimanjaro. This is their video diary. Watch >>

Liz Wedding (Video Thumbnail)

The Wedding of Clint and Liz (2010)

With one of my school friends getting married, I recorded the event to be present as a surprise gift. Learn more >>.

Four Go Rolling (Video Thumbnail)

Four Go Rolling (2010)

Four adventurous people roll down a hill in a big rubber ball. Watch >>.

Indifference (2002)

University project looking at the concept of indifference within everyday street life, comparing this on a local scale to a global scale. Learn more >>