The Cabin (2004)

The making of The Cabin

During the making of The Adventures of Tim the Tin, I grew interested in computer animation and planned to develop further movies. Whilst I was pleased with the models I drew for Tim the Tin, I wasn’t satisfied with the textures and rendering.  The Cabin was a an experiment to help me learn more about lighting and textures before I starting work on my next production, but reused a number of earlier models, most notably the cooker and other artefacts within the kitchen. Although this was only intended as a short test animation I still feel the lighting and textures are far more effective than in Tim the Tin and I would use what I learnt in my later show reel and animated movie – Splidge and Splodge Splat on Earth.

Modelling and animation: Maya
Editing: Adobe Premiere
Audio: SoundForge
Textures: Adobe Photoshop

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