Splidge and Splodge (2004)

Splidge and Splodge – Splat on Earth is an animated comedy series aimed at adults. The series tells the tale of two aliens forced into exile on the planet Earth and the humorous events that happen to them there.

In 2004 I used the concept to produce a test animation for submission into a BBC competition. Unfortunately the storyline and humour is lost in the test animation, however you can still watch this below. Scripts for an updated version are in development.

The Making of Splidge and Splodge (2004)

After completing The Cabin I started experimenting with particle effects with the intention of making a short animated ‘MoonKlash’ logo sequence. It was while I was working on this that I heard of a BBC competition, and decided to adapt the models I had already started making.

Hearing of the competition some time after it had already started, I had very little time to plan how this piece should work. I already had rough ideas for Splidge and Splodge and so started bringing to life the creatures and concepts by reusing the work I had started for the MoonKlash sequence and converting this into a giant interplanetary snooker game with our anti-heroes potting planets instead of balls. Unfortunately the lack of time and rendering power is apparent as many of the sequences I planned were too elaborate and my computer at the time was unable to handle the rendering process, resulting in shots being abandoned or simplified. With sequences lifted from my logo project, the animation lacks a cohesive narrative despite having present many aspects of the story I had outlined such as The Big Ben, the homeless robots living on the moon, the retro 50’s B-movie inspired technology, and the race of troublesome aliens. It’s been my intention to return to the Splidge and Splodge universe and develop the series I originally planned. Scripts for the first few episodes were completed some years ago with an ongoing storyline planned to become apparent as the series progresses. An updated series is currently in development.

The incomplete work I started on the MoonKlash logo would later be used in my showreel.

Modelling and animation: Maya
Editing: Adobe Premiere
Audio: SoundForge
Textures: Adobe Photoshop

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