Stuart Clark

About Stuart Clark

I’m an online marketing specialist based in Portsmouth, Hampshire. This site is designed to help you learn a little more about me, to exhibit my work and hobbies, and to share my thoughts (and rants) about multimedia, technology, and the world of marketing. I’m known online under the aliases MoonKlash and Stuseo (Stu + SEO). I’m currently in full time employment with Vertical Leap in Portsmouth.


I joined Vertical Leap in 2010 where I act as an organic search marketing specialist. In June 2013 I left to join Folk Digital but returned a year later. In 2020 I began heading up the Vertical Leap Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) service.

Prior to Vertical Leap, I was an email marketing and deliverability support analyst for Smart Focus. Outside of work my interests include video production, and when I’m not optimising websites I’m often found editing movies for online and offline distribution. I have worked my through various internet related environments and I acquired a unique collection of skills.

Having a background in both technical and marketing sectors helps me determine not only what marketing activities are needed, but also if they are possible and how to achieve them. With content being the key to an effective online marketing campaign my interests in video production, graphic design are an added bonus.


My experience in digital media began in 1997. I developed an interest in multimedia authoring including graphic design, digital video, website design and 3D. My professional life focused on the technical aspects of online marketing including support, email marketing and search engine marketing. My creative projects still continue – occasionally for work and regularly as a hobby, and you can watch many of my projects on this website.

I worked for a number of years at SAQ, an independent internet service provider where I offered technical support and design services. Following this I joined the Email Reaction division of Smart Focus who developed a software as a solution (SaaS) email marketing platform.

I started at Email Reaction in a support role, however I soon began to specialise in email deliverability, analysing problems with campaign broadcasts that were preventing emails from reaching their intended destinations. It was also my responsibility to investigate and report bugs within the user interface.

In 2010 I joined Vertical Leap as a Campaign Delivery Manager in the SMB/Capped department. In this role I specialised in improving the online performance of startups, small businesses and niche websites through ethical SEO, social networking and online marketing. In November 2011 I joined the full service SEO team, where I project managed larger campaigns where there were no limits to the number of hours spent on campaigns each month.

In 2013 I joined Folk Digital in Poole as the company SEO Manager where my work involved optimising client websites and putting in place processes to ensure future web development projects were built in a search friendly manner.

In 2014, I returned to Vertical Leap, taking with me a range of new skills and experience. I joined the SMB SEO team where I concentrated on SEO for small businesses, with specialisms in technical SEO, WordPress and the Property Sector. I also branched out, become responsible for data analysis and developing the interactive reports for my departments using Google Data Studio and Power Bi.

In 2020, I became the head of our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) service. This involved growing the department, building new tools, and finding new ways of working. I still retain an SEO portfolio and find the two areas work well together.