Data, analytics and reporting

Data is essential for every business. In the internet age where there’s a huge amount of data available, it’s more important than ever to know how to bring it all together, know how how to analyse it, and to understand which bits matter.

Useful tools

Google Analytics 4 – Google Analytics 4 is the latest version of the industry software used for measuring website performance. A big departure from earlier versions, GA4 uses intelligent algorithms to report website performance even when cookies have been disabled. The new ‘explore’ feature allows you to dig into data in all kinds of ways that weren’t available before.

Google Tag Manager – This is typically designed for managing scripts on your website, however it’s a great way to set up tracking for custom events in Google Analytics.

Microsoft Power BI – This powerful software allows you to import data from hundreds of sources. You may then segment and visualise the data in different ways ranging from performance reports to opportunity analysis.

Looker Studio – Previously known as Google Data Studio, this has quickly become the best friend of every internet marketer. Just like Power BI, it integrates with different data sources to quickly and efficiently build reports but – being developed by Google – it excellent support for Google Analytcis and Google Search Console. We use this both to report campaign progress, and to find opportunities on websites/