Animation Showreels (2004/2005)

Between 2002 and 2005 my main focus was to create animated movies using the 3D modelling application Maya. Post production was carried out using the Adobe suite of software and occasionally Sony. My showreels incorporate footage from all of my animated movies (as of 2005). More recent movies (live action) are also available to be viewed in their entirety within this website.

Showreel 2 (2005)

Showreel 1 (2004)

MoonKlash Showreel (2004) from Stuart Clark on Vimeo.

Making of The Showreel

Both showreels are make use of scenes and shots from many of my earlier projects. The most notable new material is the MoonKlash logo which was the project I started and later subverted into Splidge and Splodge – Splat on Earth.

After completing my first showreel, time constraints and a regular job prevented me from returning actively to my animated projects and instead I started developing scripts and ideas for future projects. During this period I began working on digital video production as this is less time intensive.

Modelling and animation: Maya
Editing: Adobe Premiere
Audio: SoundForge
Textures: Adobe Photoshop

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