Email deliverability

It’s all too easy to assume you just need to hit send on your bulk email broadcasts and your email marketing campaign will be delivered to the inbox. I’ll be looking at the science behind deliverability – the factors that control whether your email arrives in the inbox or the junk folder, if at all.

After my first year at smartFOCUS (now owned by Actito) I became a deliverability specialist. I developed new ways to verify if clients were having deliverability problems, to find what caused these, to learn how to fix them, and to monitor performance.

  • Verify if there is a problem;
  • Learn why there is a problem;
    • Look at what you send;
    • Look at who you send it to;
    • Look at how you send;
  • Learn how to fix it;
  • Carefully plan your next broadcast, with careful monitoring and A/B tests.

In addition to the areas I specialised in, I am familiar with list import processes, list segmentation, A/B testing, template design, template builds from jpeg images, testing, troubleshooting, compatibility issues, broadcasting and reporting.